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Welcome to Developers.Fund

We invest in development and construction of commercial real estate projects with proven developers.

We can provide structured financing options including private equity, ground lease, construction debt and permanent financing once development is complete and stabilization is reached.

We provide risk-mitigated returns for high net worth individuals and family offices who co-invest alongside us in specific projects or special purpose funds.

If you are developing commercial buildings such as medical office buildings and/or multifamily projects or other value-added opportunities, we would love to meet you.

If you are a high net worth individual or family office investor seeking risk-mitigated above market rate returns with a proven management team, we would welcome your inquiry as well.

Give us a call during working hours or fill in the form on our contact page for more information or to get a quote.

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Michael Metcalf

Founder | CEO

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We invest up to 90% of the equity stack with proven developers and sponsors with a solid track record. 


We arrange construction or permanent debt with our strategic lending partners up to 80% of LTC or 75% LTV subject to project approval and sponsor's financial strength.

joint venture

We are open to partnering with land owners and/or building owners who may not qualify on their own but would like a strong capital partner with principals who have decades of commercial development experience.


generate higher RISK MITIGATED returns

We invest in the early stage of development projects and earn secured interest during construction plus profit sharing upon completion.

generate risk mitigated returns

We invest in first trust deeds and/or pref equity with full return of capital plus interest on a priority basis. This provides solid risk mitigation with the opportunity for higher returns.

generate long term income

We invest in long term ground lease positions that generate long term recurring annual income for 30-99 years.  Ask us how you may qualify for a ground lease to lower the amount of initial equity required to fund your development project.