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Developers Fund III LLC


Developers Fund III LLC is a leading investment firm with a unique focus on high-demand real estate development projects. Our portfolio includes the construction of medical office buildings, multifamily development projects, distribution centers, data centers, and more.

Our Investment Strategy


Our investment strategy is underpinned by a robust risk mitigation approach. We secure preferred equity

and construction debt with real property, ensuring our investments are grounded in tangible assets. This strategy allows us to generate above-market returns, with a full return of capital plus interest typically realized within three to five years.

In addition to the immediate returns, we retain ownership in the assets, with distributions generated from the Net Operating Income (NOI) from each building. This provides a strong cash flow and the potential for increasing values of real estate assets.

Diversified Portfolio


While the majority of our capital is preserved in real estate, we also co-invest up to 20% of our fund in software and/or healthcare technology or related startups. This diversification provides significant upside potential while preserving the majority of our capital.

Innovative Trading Platforms


We work with innovative trading platforms that allow us to block our capital in our account. These platforms mirror our funds and trade short-term Medium Term Notes (MTNs) with 10 to 1 leverage, sharing the profits with us at zero risk. We often retain our capital in accounts and use the profits from the trade activity to fund Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and startup projects. We are happy to allow fund members to participate in this activity.

Join Us


At Developers Fund III LLC, we are committed to delivering high returns and strong cash flows for our investors. Join us as we continue to invest in high-demand real estate development projects and cutting-edge technology startups. Together, we can build a prosperous future.

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