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Picture of Pastor Jon Courson and Michael Metcalf
Picture of Bishop Odai and Michael Metcalf


About Me

I am profoundly grateful for all of God’s blessings upon me and my family, and I thank Him daily for His grace and mercy.

Early Life

Raised in Mammoth Lakes, CA, I spent my summers working at our family pack station and racing for Mammoth Mountain during the winters. At the age of 16, I became a ski instructor and was later featured in Powder Magazine, Ski Magazine, and Outdoor Magazine for my aerial skills.

Picture of Frank Amedia and Michael Metcalf
Picture of Pastor Rick Warren and Michael Metcalf

Entrepreneurial Journey


Inspired by my late father, Arnie Metcalf, who taught me that I could achieve anything I believed in, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. I attended Saddleback College and later the University of California, Irvine, to study computer science but dropped out to become an entrepreneur.

By God’s grace, I founded four technology companies: TelWest, Sound Advantage, SpeechPhone, and Voice Assist. Three of these companies were highly successful, while one was major flop. The greatest honor was working with so many talented people.  As a servant leader, I enjoyed mentoring, coaching and inspiring 125 employees, 3,700 sales agents and 1,200 telephone dealers and 30 software engineers.  Most importantly, I was able to share my faith and led over 300 people to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Innovations and Achievements


I was blessed with the opportunity to invent, patent, and build the world’s first speech-activated auto attendant system and the first two-way hands-free texting application for mobile phones, among other patents involving speech recognition and artificial intelligence. Our team won 25 top industry awards and five Product of the Year awards, leading to my inclusion in the Top 100 Technology, Entrepreneurs, and Silicon Valley Historical Book.

Transition to Ministry


Leaving the field of technology, I attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. I then transitioned into ministry, becoming a Bible teacher, Christian leader, and volunteer serving people in the U.S. and abroad. I joined the board at Safe Harbor International, the missions outreach and disaster relief organization of Calvary Chapel, and later helped another Pastor form Coastland Bible College. You can hear my personal ministry blog at

Current Role


Continuing my journey, I am now a fund manager, currently on Developers Fund III and work to deploy capital and create jobs in healthcare, software development and some start ups. I continue to invent new technology and I lead small teams of software developers building new products for ourselves and others.  I continue to provide consulting services through Sound Management Services ( and help other entrepreneurs make plans, raise capital, recruit great people and handle all the twists and turns of entrepreneurship.  I also try and accelerate sales by taping into my network of over 13,500 contacts who are most C-level executives, fund managers and engineers. 


I am committed to try and Outbless everyone I can and continue to working hard, treating people with love and respect, and sharing God’s amazing love, grace, and mercy.

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  • Listed into 100 Technology, Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley

  • 23 top industry awards for speech activated products

  • 5 product of the year awards

  • Seen on Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Teleconnect, Wall Street Journal, Computer Telephony, and more.


  • Funded over $1.5B in commercial real estate

  • Funded over $80m in residential real estate

  • Founder of four tech companies

  • Founder of one Christian college

  • Bible Teacher - and

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